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Free 333 passes will be available for mint. Owning HD Pass give holders Whitelist access for future NFT projects, Live market updates, Alpha Calls, Mint notifications and lots more.

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Hangout DAO

An idea, put into motion. A belief, that the circumstances of one’s birth is irrelevant. An understanding, that it is what you do with the gift of life, that determines who you are. A goal, to achieve something that is bigger than yourself. Most importantly, a hope, to find 332 other like-minded degenerate buildoors to grow and have fun together. This is Hangout DAO.

Group Profit

Based on analysis from our calls and members total profits.


We have over 4000 members in our Discord.


We have worked and collab with over 150 ETH and SOL projects.

Membership Entrance

Looking to join our community? Make HangoutDAO your place to LEARN, CONNECT and EARN.

HD Pass Holder Benefits

  • Alpha center: Access to properly reviewed information about upcoming and currently trading NFT projects.
  • Alpha calls: Access to information from 6+ traders, project rating & review. Live trade calls, DeFi Alpha.
  • Whitelist Opportunities: access to early projects. WL giveaways for holders
  • Trading Bots: Access to NFT trade bots. Mint alerts , smart money buys, FOMO buy bot and much more.
  • Partner Alpha: Access to alpha from our long term partners.


Success Stories

Some of our recent group and individual profits from calls in our Community

Previous Collaborations

Here are some great projects we have collaborated with in the past.


We are proud to have partnered with some of the great brands in the space.


Meet the founders

This group of individuals came together to create an effective and efficient +ve echo chamber. Where everyone involved can flourish, equipping members with the best tools and information the markets got to offer.

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